Transparent Customer Value Flow
To the Owner, Board of Directors and Management Team

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Strategy that creates customer value

Measurable competitive advantage

Measuring customer value

Customer value audit

Coaching and KeyNote

Create value
Calculate value
Communicate value
Capture value

Why should you manage Customer Value?

  • You will recognize strategic competitive advantages that you can then consistently develop.
  • You can focus resources on customers and the parts of the value chain that matter most to your business.
  • You can create shared goals between parts of the value chain: Sales, product and service development, partners, marketing, and financial management can all speak the same language.
  • Customer relationship management is based on metrics, and you will monitor the effectiveness of your chosen strategy in different customer segments.
  • You will manage the right things, because you will recognize the impact of the measures to your cash flow and the value of your business.
  • You will find new opportunities in the market.
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What is Customer Value?


Pillars4CustomerValue™ tool provides your company’s owners, board of directors, and management team transparency and insights into the customer value of your company and your company’s ability to convert the customer value it has created into cash flow.

You will see how customer value turns into cash flow and where the worst bottlenecks for creating value are. Therefore, you will be able to make investments in a more informed way.

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