Coaching and KeyNote

We coach boards of directors, management teams and business leaders to create, measure and manage strategic customer value.


Every member of an organization has a role to play when it comes to creating customer value. A shared language, understanding and tools are essential so that flow of customer value can be managed in a transparent way. Customer value only converts to cash flow when the company culture supports value creation.


We will work together to review the goals of the coaching and carry out a background and baseline assessment that may include, if necessary, a customer value audit, customer interviews, as well as a trend and competitor analysis. Our coaching process provides everyone with tools to assess their personal development when it comes to building competitive advantage for the company.

Depending on the nature, target audience and objectives of the event, we will narrow down the topic and draft a KeyNote together with the event organizer. The KeyNote can act as a wake-up call, spark inspiration, and open the floor for a joint discussion on the subject.

The Net Promoter Score for the coaching and KeyNote speeches by Arvova is 100. The average grade for the materials and coaches is ‘commendable’.

Our customers

Investment company

The company wanted to deepen the customer value expertise of the boards of its portfolio companies and management teams as well as its advisors. The KeyNote speech and the thought-provoking self-assessment received commendable feedback.

‘We received a great tool for managing customer value’

Global industrial company

During the strategy process of a global industrial company, we involved 2,500 customer-facing employees in the creation of the strategy. In coaching, the organization created the company's set of rules, which they committed to comply with.

To develop service promise and engage new people, a tool was created to test each person's own knowledge and role as a customer value builder.

‘We created common ground rules that build customer value and support the development of our company culture.’


Arvova is the developer and partner of CBM’s (Certified Board Member) training course ‘Board tools for customer value management’.

‘I thought that we had already made quite good progress in customer value management. Then I did the pre-workshop tasks and noticed that perhaps we were not as advanced on this subject as we thought.’

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