Customer value audit

A customer value audit provides a realistic view of how capable the company is of creating strong competitive advantage in the market.


Our customer value audit is a tool for company management. They can use it to develop strategy as well as strategic competitive advantage, along with the organizational culture and capabilities required for success. It also provides a realistic view of company’s capability to create strong competitive advantage in the market.


In the audit, we use our Pillars4CustomerValue® tool to analyze the company's strategic and operational capabilities to develop customer value and competitive advantage. The company will receive a clear and user-friendly report on its strengths and areas of development. The report also contains concrete recommendations for developing customer value and capability to create competitive advantage at both strategic and operational levels.

The depth and focus of the audit can be tailored to the company's objectives and needs.

Our clients

B2B service company

The B2B service company had been investing in developing customer experience for a long time.

Now, the CEO wanted to make the objectives, results and ROI of new customer investments more transparent.

Based on recommendations from the customer value audit, new metrics were introduced to enable the management and board to monitor and lead the organization’s ability to increase the return on customer investments

‘The audit revealed some internal bottlenecks and helped us start investing in the capabilities that will enhance our competitive advantage.’

Construction industry

Our customer value audit revealed both strategic and operational bottlenecks that the construction company had in creating customer value.

The company board of directors and management team immediately adopted new tools to bring transparency to the company's ability to create customer value and competitive advantage.

‘An external audit helps the organization to unearth aspects that have not been considered before.’

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