Measurable competitive advantage

We help B2B companies to identify sources of competitive advantage and measure its development within the market and chosen customer segments.


Strategic competitive advantage is created when a company becomes capable of creating value and differentiating from the market in matters that their customers find valuable. By recognizing what factors create competitive advantage, we are able to improve our competency at growing it. In other words, we become able to target investments in a way that creates customer perceived value.


We analyze existing customer data and available research. Based on them, we will create a draft competitor analysis.
After that, we will work together with you to determine the width and depth of our competitive advantage analysis as well as determine the ways of measuring.

Start by identifying your company’s competitive advantages

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Our clients

Insurance company

An insurance company wanted to sharpen its strategy to thrive in the tightly-regulated B2B business area.

Based on a competitive advantage analysis, the strategy was renewed and offering built in a way that resulted in customers perceiving a significant increase in value.
The company became a market leader within its industry.

”For us, the most valuable discoveries of the competitive advantage analysis were related to how our customers perceive pricing.”

B2B SaaS company

A competitive advantage analysis covering three different market areas was created for this global B2B SaaS company. The analysis offered concrete information regarding different weightings between choice motives in different markets.

Market-specific actions and strategic customer segmentation caused customer perceived value to rise in all of the markets.

The company’s profitability improved significantly. The company listed in a stock change, and a global competitor acquired it with a high valuation.

”It varies market by market how customers weigh different things they value. Recognizing this helped us to develop our sales and pricing.”

Construction company

A global construction company was undergoing changes due to company restructuring. A competitive advantage analysis was made, and it revealed that the company had invested in things that didn’t create value from their customers’ perspective.

The renewed strategy was tied with customer value elements. The entire organization received shared guidelines and rules on how to build competitive advantage.

”Competitive advantage analysis enables us to focus our investments in a more profitable way.”

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