A Tool for the Owner, Board of Directors and Management Team to Grow Value

Pillars4CustomerValue creates a shared vision of the value chain of the company for the whole organization. Everyone finds and understands their own role in creating value. A shared vision helps everyone in the organization identify the value of their own work and navigate toward a common goal.

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Create Value

You will know the competitive advantages of your business. You will learn your customers’ motives for choosing your products and services. You will recognize the potential for growth.

Pillars4CustomerValue competitive advantage analysis gives a realistic view of your company’s competitive advantages and recognizes the customer’s motives for their choices – and their meaning to the customer. You will be able to identify where to invest so your company can gain the most in the market, and you will constantly be mapping the development of your competitive advantages.

How do we create value in the market? What do our customers want to pay for? Who are our customers?

Calculate Value

You will see the impact on your company’s value.

Pillars4CustomerValue calculates the development of your company’s value. The development of the customer lifetime value and the potential for growth created by competitive advantage will become clear. You will see how operational activities create a competitive advantage in the market, and how customer development strengthens future cash flows.

How far ahead can we predict future cash flows? How does the development of customer value affect the development of our company’s value?

You will know the growth potential of customers. You will learn how committed they are toward a common future. You will recognize how customer experience correlates with cash flow.

Pillars4CustomerValue converges the customer perceived value, the customer value to your business, and the future potential of being a customer to the same metrics. The tool provides metrics that everyone in your organization can understand. You will see which operational activities create a competitive advantage, future cash flow, and an increase in the value of your company.

Who are our most profitable customers? How committed are they? What is the value of being our customer and how can we predict the development of the value?

Communicate Value

Our message is clear and distinctive. Our actions and message will create competitive advantage and value. Everyone in our company knows how to create more customer value in their own work.

Pillars4CustomerValue helps to make the message clearer. It guides the whole organization to act and communicate in accordance with the shared goals. Everyone understands their own role in creating value for the company.

Actions always speak louder than words. Is your message clear? Does the organization live up to its promises? Do the actions reinforce the message?

Capture Value

The business model of your company creates value for the customer. You will identify how to convert the value you have created into cash flow and increase the value of your company.

Pillars4CustomerValue helps to make the company’s business model and earnings logic clear. It helps the organization to understand what value-based pricing means to the customer perceived value and the company’s cash flow.

Does the business model of your company create value both to the customers and your company? Can you turn the customer perceived value into cash flow? Does the business model make the common future of your company and customers stronger?


Pillars4CustomerValue™ tool provides your company’s owners, board of directors, and management team transparency and insights into the customer value of your company and your company’s ability to convert the customer value it has created into cash flow.

You will see how customer value turns into cash flow and where the worst bottlenecks for creating value are. Therefore, you will be able to make investments in a more informed way.

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