Strategy that creates customer value

We help B2B companies develop and crystallize their strategy to make the flow of customer value more transparent and to enable everyone in the organization discover what role they play in building customer value.


A good strategy is clear, agile and easy to communicate within your organization as well as to your partners and customers. The success of your strategy is measured by the results it delivers, and those results are achieved through fruitful collaboration of the entire value network.


We map out your objectives, schedules, available resources, and division of labor as well as ensure the direction of the ownership strategy.

Our strategy offering consists of e.g. the following elements:
•   Competitive advantage analysis, our market-proven method to measure your ability to create value for your customers. The analysis also includes the position of your main competitors in the market.
•   Customer value audit, in which we measure your organization’s resources and ability to create the kind of customer value that creates competitive advantage.
•   Definition and analysis of key trends and weak signals.

Working in close collaboration with you, we can then create a clear, transparent and measurable strategy, complete with alternative scenarios that will help you stay agile and adjust your plans if circumstances change.

Our clients

Family business

We started building strategy for this long-standing family-owned company, starting with updating the ownership strategy, analyzing customer value, and conducting a critical competitiveness and resource analysis.

Upon completion of the draft strategy, the company's managers were involved in innovating and designing the changes needed to build the desired competitive advantages.

The strategy was finalized in a joint event for the entire company with everyone participating in solving the challenges of growth and profitability.

"The company strategy and customer value became transparent to the whole organization, from the owners to the newest employees"

Merger of industrial companies

The post-merger strategy of two international industrial companies was built at the same time from ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out.’

The drivers for customer value and competitive advantage in the market were identified. Customer value audit was carried out in the organization, after which the entire organization was invited to take part in the strategy work. The strategy crystallized the purpose of the company, specified the key competitive advantages based on data, and outlined the organizational and cultural changes needed for the strategy to succeed.

‘Together, we will now start building customer value on this strong foundation we have created. Both the customers and personnel are committed to the strategy.’

Internationalization of service company

The entire organization of a small service company with distinctive outlook of international growth was first invited to join the board and management to identify growth bottlenecks and obstacles for gaining competitive advantage from its own value chain and operations. The strategy work was complemented with data from customer interviews.

In its strategy, the company first defined its purpose and refined its values as well as ground rules. The strategy work initiated the productization and QA process of the company’s services as well as crystallized the desirable competitive advantages.

"We found concrete bottlenecks to growth and received valuable information about our customer perceived value."

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