What is your company's ability to develop customer value?

Are you a CEO or a Board Member of a company?

In order to strengthen your competitive advantage in the market, do you know what investments are needed and how to focus them? What are your strengths? What do you need to develop and measure to create a culture that supports growth, profitability, and the development of competitive advantage?

Our customer value audit brings transparency to the board of directors and the CEO of a B2B company of the company's ability to create, build and measure customer value and competitive advantage. The audit reveals those of the company's strategic and operational capabilities that already exist in the value chain and but are currently unexploited. It also reveals bottlenecks that require attention.

Do you know what your company's ability is to create customer value?

Our customer value audit is an excellent tool for the company's board of directors and management team when you are:
•   modernizing your company's strategy
•   planning for acquiring or selling a company
•   aiming to develop a more customer-oriented company culture
•   aiming to develop the metrics of competitive advantage and customer value
•   aiming to strengthen the organization's commitment to the strategy


Strategy that creates customer value

A strategy that creates customer value is such that it makes the customer value flow transparent. It enables everyone in the organization to discover their role in building customer value.

Measurable competitive advantage

We help B2B companies to identify sources of customer value, develop their business together with their customers, and measure the development of competitive advantage in the market and in selected customer segments.

Measuring customer value

The right customer value metrics can help every B2B company to increase its profitability, improve ROI and make it more competitive.

Customer value audit

Our customer value audit provides a realistic view of the company’s capability to create strong competitive advantage in the market. It will assist management in developing strategy as well as strategic competitive advantage, along with the organizational culture and capabilities required for success.

Coaching and Keynote

We offer coaching to boards, management teams and business leaders in creating, measuring, and managing strategic customer value.

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